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Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14h to 19h come and take a tour in this beautiful artist’s town!

You can find me at “Atelier 21”!

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The new work shop at Hesdin 2018

Added Dec 14, 2018

5 artists sharing one space for creating an exposing

Why not Blue

Added Dec 14, 2018

collective Exibition

Porte Ouvertes des artistes 2018

Added Dec 14, 2018

5-6-7 oct 2018

Collective Expo in painting, sculpture and photography

Added Dec 14, 2018

A new ephemeral gallery in Hesdin City of Art!
September 6 to 30 at Atelier 24
at 24 rue André Fréville in Hesdin
Collective Expo in painting, sculpture and photography with:

Catherine Adou
Jacqueline Amoravain
Annie Benkovic
Jean-Charles Bordichini
Frederic Carmona
Marcel Deldique
Domé Artist Painter
Freto Painter
Jacques Froissart
Gervaise Accart-Sanier Dit Gas
Charlotte Art'His
Florent Horyna
Corinne Govaert
Christian Lamirand
Thierry Lamotte
Georges Lebrun
Sylvie Lorimier Flemish
Marcelle Bernard Lugez
Marina Toussent
Ronald Piclin
Robin Pirez
***Daciana Pszota ***
Elsa Ray
Julien Ricq
Stéphane Stevan Vandermeersch
Genevieve Thery
YaAkov Jean Luc From Lille
Claude Guille
Alain Roche
Marie France Cruppe
Dominique Patriarca
Michel Longelin
June Tasker

Un artistic Sunday

Added Dec 14, 2018

This Sunday, September 2nd ...
Domé Artist Painter,
Jean Charles Bordichini painter,
Georges Lebrun mosaicist,
Corinne Govaert, visual artist,
Catherine Adou painter,
**Daciana Pszota painter,**
Oana Maria Ifrim, painter
Florent Horyna sculptor plastic artist
Frédéric Carmona painter
Jennifer Charlot craftsman at Tartan
will be at the Nomadic Workshops of the 7 Valleys
at Saint Rémy au Bois

Atelier Nomades 2nd

Added Dec 14, 2018

As part of the radiation on the 7 Valleys, the '' Ateliers Nomades '' will be in Aubin Saint Vaast Saturday from 10am for a day at the Heritage Village ...
Exhibition, demonstrations, creative workshops, artistic walks ...
Creative workshop:
Creative and artistic stroll around Aubin Saint Vaast
Let's take a walk around Aubin Saint Vaast to review the secrets to better succeed your landscape subjects, painting or photography: choice of subject, rules of composition, creative exercises ...
RV at the Arts Workshop Village, at 10:30, 14:00 and 16:30. Duration: 80 minutes.
Host: Robin Pirez, artistic director and photographer of the 7 Valleys

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