Angels’ seals
5 Kunstwerke

13 commissioned paintings that represent the most important Archangels including Lucifer as he was part of God’s creation too in the beginning.

Spiritual Imprisonment
11 Kunstwerke

A new collection related to a spiritual imprisonment but trying to escape through healing. The problem with a spiritual prison is that it traps your soul. No matter if is about a lost, vicies or even love, it holds you captive to the point that you can't even think anymore. It drains your strength and steals your ability to look at the bigger picture. In order to escape, ypu need to heal but in order to heal you need to go trough or face it.

Spiritual Journey
30 Kunstwerke

This will start a new series, a tribute to Constantin Brancusi, one of the greatest artists of his time. His sculptures are known all over the world. My series will be an inspiration from his works.

Spiritual Legacy (Knights Templar)
20 Kunstwerke

A beautiful collection about Templars and holy grail

Spiritual Horizon
31 Kunstwerke

A collection in which painting there is a material that can be destroyed by nature, time or humans and can be in ruin or disappear. But what will never disappear is the horizon and what is beyond the horizon we don’t know, we never see but we imagine what can be. The horizon is our faith, our beliefs and our hopes! No matter what happens, those no one can take them from us because those are eternal like the horizon!

Interferences, The Dacians
23 Kunstwerke

"....the collection "Interferences" counting 22 paintings is a bright reflection of the mysterious past of Dacians, an original mixture of lines, circles, rings, tree of life, immortality, Dacian wolf and Sanziene (mythic characters), all interfering, quite shy, with the desacralized present to convey ancient forgotten mysteries. With this collection, Daciana removes the curtain of history by giving us the opportunity to reflect over a short historical period, entirely filled with mysticism and

Little things big things !!!! 20% DISCOUNT!!!!
9 Kunstwerke

Precious little things, seemingly of no value in themselves, can be loved and prized above all price when they convey the love and thoughtfulness of a good heart. Perfect happiness is a beautiful smile, the giggle of a child, the embrace, the first love, holding hands…. It's the little things that make happy moments, not the grand events. Little things makes big things!

9 Kunstwerke

22 Kunstwerke

portraits and self-portraits

11 Kunstwerke

2 paintings of this collection are displayed at Élysée Palace and NASA in the flight director office

Children portraits - "The 11 J's" ( Les 11 J[e])
11 Kunstwerke

New collection for the Association "Les 111 des Arts". the purpose is to support, through donations from the proceeds of the sale, children with cancer in general and leukemias in particular, their families and the hospital teams who care for them, improving hospitalization conditions in pediatric oncology services and especially by promoting research on these diseases of the child.

Commisioned works
19 Kunstwerke

All works that was commisoned

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