Dacian pottery (2019)

15,8x31,5 in ~ Pittura, Olio

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“Dacian Pottery”, oil painting with palette knife and fingers on Lin canvas 80/40 cm.
January 2019
There were two types of ceramics, the common and the fine. The objects belonging to the first category were handmade, sanding the sand or shreds. Their burning was not homogeneous on the whole surface. My painting, reveals only common Pottery.
Regarding the decorations, common were the embossed, simple or assembled beads, in relief with alveoli or in the shape of a cord, obtained by using a sharp wooden or metal tool. The incised ornaments were made using a sharp or toothed spike. Thus, reasons such as 'bradulet' (evergreen), rhombs, incised lines and simple or double bands were obtained.

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