Sarmisegetusa (2019)

19,7x27,6 in ~ Pittura, Olio

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Sarmisegetusa”, oil painting with pallet knife , different techniques, on canvas 50/70/4 cm, February 2019

Sarmizegetusa Dacica, Erected on top of a 1200 meter high mountain , was the ancient capital and the most important military, religious and political center of the Dacians. The sacred zone, It consisted of a setting of timber posts in the shape of a D, surrounded by a timber circle which in turn was surrounded by a low stone kerb. The layout of the timber settings bears some resemblance to the stone monument at Stonehenge in England. Sarmizegethusa reached its zenith under King Decebal.
Sarmisegetusa was an important place for The cult of the sun in which Phoenix bird was a powerful symbol.
The Dacian’s gold was hidden in many places as it was wanted and searched it ... coins, jewelry and even gold helmets... and a part of it, hidden right here in Sarmisegetusa.

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