One-thousand white smiles (2021)

23.6x36.2 in ~ 绘画, 丙烯

购买原作 : €1,336.00 + 发货

« One-thousand white smiles », coarse paste, acrylic and golden leaf on linen canvas 92/60 cm

I was waiting the spring time to close my « Horizons » collection with a last painting representing my favorite flower : the white tulip!
The meaning fits perfectly in this collection as well as the title because we never loose our hopes and dreams (represented by the horizon line)...

The white tulip symbolism :
The white tulip itself not only represents “love” but also passion. In particular, the white tulip is associated with not only love but peace. The white tulip is also associated with the word “victory” it denotes that something has been won in life. There are a lot of meanings attached with white tulips abut among the most common ones are purity and innocence.


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