Giving the light from me to my paintings


At the age of 15-17, Daciana, looked at the shop art windows dreaming that one day she will afford buying a canvas , some brushes and some paint. In 2013 she had that chance after she moved in France, leaving behind her family and friends in the beautiful Romania. In France she had the chance to meet  Dome, a well-known painter in Hautes de France, Dali's second generation apprentice, and the presidents of the Artists Association in Hesdin, France and since she managed to exhibit some of her paintings.She persevered in different techniques attracted by history, the ancient past, spirituality and  expressing her own emotions. Her style became eclectic, and even when using white and black, her paintings are radiantly colorful. The light that is in her is the mark of her paintings!

Permanent Gallery:

"Galerie 46"

46 rue D'Arras

Hesdin, France 


volegov, chris, dali


2017-2020 Particular painting lessons Hesdin, France

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2021 Legacy St Pol Sur Ternoise, France

2020 Interfererente Deva, Romania

2019 Interferences Hesdin, France

Collective Expositions

2021 Perspective bucuresti, Romania

2021 Paris Artexpo paris, France

2021 Pina Galeria Exhibition Berlin, Germany

2020 Espressioni Moniga del Garda, Brescia, Italy

2020 Contemporary Art Expo 2020 Padova, Italy

2020 Jardins d’Hesdin, jardins d’Eden Campagne Les Hesdin, France

2019 It is Humanity, image of the world Bangkok, Thailand

2019 Murano Art Expo Murano, Venice, Italy

2019 Artistes d'Hier d'Aujoud'hui et de Demain BLANGY SUR TERNOISE, France

2019 Jardins d’Hesdin, jardins d’Eden Villeile Hesdin, France

2019 Expotion Collective Hesdin, France

2018 2-eme Salon du Petit format Hesdin, France

2018 Porquoi pas Bleu Blangy sur Ternoise, France

2018 Exposition collective Hesdin, France

2018 Un dimanche artistique St Remy au Bois, France

2018 L'art et les Manieres hesdin, hotel Hypnose, France

2018 Artistes sur L'Herbe Jardin des Sericourt, France

2018 Abstraction, un nouveau regard sur le real Beauranville, France

2017 Salon de Petit format Hesdin, France


2020 Artcertificate international competion France

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