Awakening (2020) Sold

28.7x23.6x2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


“Awakening”, mixed media on 3D canvas 73/60 cm

My painting is depicting an image of a time spiral after Fibonacci’s spiral... signifies that time is an illusion, is never ending...
in the middle is standing proudly “the cock”... here is the inspiration after Brancusi’s sculpture.

This cock/rooster is replacing, in my painting, the time pointers and is pointing 4h:8m (here is the divine guidance). In numerology 4 and 8 numbers, form a lasting and successful relationship. They know how to together build an empire.
Also, you can see in three different positions the “infinite” columns, (another Brancusi Symbol, used as a pedestal for “the cock” sculpture). Those 3 columns, represents the biblical number of the rooster which means a calling to a spiritual awakening.
The color in the background represents the sun.


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