Interdimensional conception (2021) Sold

23.6x23.6x2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


“Interdimensional conception” , mixed techniques on canvas 60X60 cm

A painting inspired by Brancusi’s sculpture “Torso of a young girl”.
I flipped the image of the sculpture creating from what Brancusi saw as being the girl’s back, the abdomen of a pregnant woman, I created a breast too for the divine source (milk) and gave a story… I found this beautiful Alisa’s words that are a perfect description to what I did:

“To create the child, male and female entities would come together and join energies at the crown, heart and sacral chakras. The couple would join hands to create an energy flow between their hearts. They would focus the Love energy through conscious awareness to create the child. They used the breath to build the energy, breathing love into each other and creating the child between them. The parents connected all their chakras, merging their light bodies. The two matrices of the male and female moved in and through one another and from that merging, a totally new geometry was formed.” Lemuria-Interdimensional conception by Alisha Brache


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