Lapsit Exillis (2020)

28.7x21.3x1.2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Collages

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Lapsit exillis “, acrylic painting with pallet knife, golden leaf, on linen canvas 73/54 cm.

Regarding the symbolism of the Grail, it is important to note that, although it is most usually described as a vase and this is its best known form, it is also sometimes as a stone, a precious stone called Lapsit Exilllis according Wolfram d'Eschenbach’s poem: Parsival

They( the knights of grail) live from a stone
Of purest kind.
If you do not know it,
It shall named to you
It is called Lapsit Exillis.

Many interpretations were given to this term of lapsit exilllis, and we can deduce from its interpretations, that the Grail would be a philosopher's stone, therefore endowed with sacred virtues. A stone that speaks or make sounds. From the second term, exillis, we can detect ex cellis, which would designate the divine origin of the Grail. However, the stone is fashioned from a mineral that is not trivial to us: the emerald.

On an emerald green silk
From Paradise carried promise
Both root and sucker
It was an object called Gral
From the Supreme Ideal World
Now, what Black Madonna from Monserrat mountains has to do with??
The legend sais that the statue was found by a group of locals that saw lights and heard songs in the middle of the cliffs, where "the Black Madonna " had been hidden.
So, knowing this facts, I thought that the stone is actually hidden inside the statue and most precisely in the globe that the “La Moreneta” (how the statue is named also) keeps it in her right hand, representing the Universe.


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