Primordial egg (2021) Sold

23.6x23.6x2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


“The primordial egg”, mixed media on canvas 60x60 cm

Inspiration after Brancusi's egg which means the birth of the first cellular unit of modern sculpture, an indivisible one, a perfect form, a virtual force, indomitable and explosive, a subtle emotional content and an immense promise.
in the egg there is the fertile germ. I know that purity cannot be a goal, its whole indivisible nature stops development, but the shell must break, because life is born of division, of multiplication. We need the absolute, but also the movement, the life.

The egg is a symbol of the totality from which all creation comes. It is like a womb containing the seeds of creation. Within the egg are the possibilities of a perfect creation (i.e., the creation of androgynous beings). The egg, in addition to being the beginning of life, is equally a symbol of procreation, rebirth, and new life.


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