Sudarium Supplication (2020)

28.7x21.3x1.2 in ~ Painting, Oil

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“Sudarium supplication”, oil on linen canvas with pallet knife and brushes , 73/54 cm

Thre Knights Templar, the medieval crusading order, held secret custody of the Shroud of Turin during the 13th and 14th centuries. The shroud, which bears the image of a man and is believed by many to have been the burial cloth of Jesus, was probably used in a secret Templar ritual to underline Christ's humanity in the face of popular heresies of the time and particularly important for the Knights Templar, as an "antidote" to the heresies that had arisen.
The painting is revealing this shroud that is it hold by a Templar Abacus (the scepter of a Templar master) and a knight Templar saying the prayer “Our father” which is written on the right side ( in my own style).


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