Indissolubilis (2020)

19.7x27.6 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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“Indissolubilis”, acrylic paint , sand, fine paper....painting on canvas 50/70 cm

Templar’s cross merging with Hospitallers’ cross.... why I imagined this?

The Templars and Hospitallers are often seen as rivals, even enemies. While they did have their differences, particularly over land, on the whole they seem to have worked together quite well, supporting each other against the rest of the world.
After Templar’s executions by Philip IV of France, the largest portion of former Templars joined the Hospitallers, while other remaining members joined the Cistercian order, or lived on pension as lay members of society.
The Hospitallers became known as the Knights of Malta, the name they bear to this day.
Ps: on the left side is written the Hospitallers’ motto : Pro Fido, Pro Utilitate Hominum (for faith, for the benefit of people) and on the right side The Templar’s motto: Non Nobis Domnine, Non Nobis sed Nomini tua da Gloriam (not for us Lord, but for your name is the glory)


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