Memorum Crucis (2020)

11.8x11.8x2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Paper, Sand

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“Memorum Crucis”, acrylic colors, fine paper, sand on 3D canvas, 30x30 cm

The Templar Cross – the Templar symbol of martyrdom was worn on the robes of Templars. The death in combat was considered a great honour for Knights Templar, as it guaranteed a place in heaven. The cross from the side of the purely Christian perspective was (and is) the most prominent and meaningful symbol of suffering and death of Jesus. Symbolically the sign of the cross symbolizes the completion, the end of life, the death. It not only means our gratefulness to Jesus and the reminder of him, but it also means our finite existence.
In the middle of the cross is the Templar’s seal, two knights on one horse.


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